Eschool website webinars

16th April 2015

Message from eschools


As you will be aware we have been working with Northumberland Local Authority to provide schools in the area currently using an eSchools website with an upgrade to the latest version of our websites.

The content (newsletters, galleries, policies etc) that is currently on your school website will be automatically transferred to your new upgraded website by eSchools.

This process will be taking place next week (w/c 20th April), please read below to see a timeline of events:

o We ask that in order for us to capture all the information on your current website please do not add any further content to your website after 8pm on Tuesday the 21st April.
o Your current website will be still be live throughout this migration period.
o You will still be able to add content to your current website after 21st April if required. However please note any updates may not be migrated automatically and may then have to be added to your new website again once it’s live.
o We will be holding a series of free webinars from 21st - 28th April to provide training on using your new eSchools website.
o Please visit to book a place on a training webinar. The information required to access these webinars can be found on the above web page.
o Your new upgraded eSchools website will then be pushed live on Tuesday 28th April.

If you have any queries or require any assistance at all please do not hesitate to contact us on

Best wishes