j2Webby Update

14th July 2013

Have you been frustrated because you haven't been able to choose where work can be published to in JIT?

Have you had children forgetting to post work to the correct category in j2e?

Well you can move it after it has been posted  - even if it has been approved!!!

To make the change:

Sign into the webby dashboard.
Hover your mouse over "Posts" in the left side panel and click on "All Posts" from the menu that opens.

In the list of posts find the one you want to change category and click its name (it is bold and blue until you hover over it and it turns red).

When the page opens up there is a box on the right hand side called categories. 
Tick the checkboxes to reflect the categories you want the post to appear in.
Don't forget to save the change by clicking the blue update button.