Mystery Lighthouse

The following links relate to: Using ICT as a stimulus for creative writing - Mystery Lighthouse & Spooky mansion

This is a fantastic and fun project aimed at pupils in KS 2 and 3. It utilises iPads as both a stimulus for creative writing and also as a technology for recording notes and video animations.

No prior knowledge of iPads is required and during the session colleagues will explore five different Apps:

Mystery Lighthouse - a graphic adventure story Exploring the lighthouse and island - note taking and summary skills, map making.

Trading Cards - read, write, think Creating own structured trading cards - used to explore place, events, people, objects & vocabulary as a framework for creative writing

Aurasma - focusing on narrative - using augmented reality
Do Ink - using green screen filming to put pupils into the scene - scripts, speaking & listening, drama

Morfo Booth - ‘Talking heads’ multimedia - point of view, scripts, research, history, context, genre.

Phase: KS 2 & 3

Dates :Wed 28th September 2016
Tues 14th March 2017 1.00pm - 4.00pm Ashington Town Hall