Prompt reporting of suspected problems with PCE software

12th October 2012

Please find details below of how to report suspected problems with PCE software through the Company’s support site.

The very nature of the software means it has to interact and monitor a wide range of applications and not surprisingly, as these applications are updated, problems and errors will occur.

The Company, Forensic Software, is very responsive to customer feedback and will try and remedy problems as soon as they are informed, sometimes working overnight to identify the issue and find a solution. Obviously, the sooner they are informed of any difficulties that schools are experiencing, the sooner they can find a fix.

We would therefore urge you to use their support page to report any suspected problems with the software as soon as this occurs.

Thank you.

1. Please go to the support webpage:

2. Please submit a ticket and give as much detail as possible about the problems you are experiencing. The account ID is ‘nbld-central’.