Scratch 3.0 Challenges
Over the next few weeks we are going to set Weekly challenges that will guide you through the steps of creating your own computer game.
The challenges are going to use a free computer programming language called Scratch. Scratch is a block based programming language that allows you to create computer programs and the knowledge and understanding all computer programmers need.
Challenges will be added each week (Available by 9AM Monday Morning each week)
It would be great to see how you get on so please feel free to email the link of what you have created (The plan is to share these so please follow all of your normal online safety rules such as not giving out names)
To share your work with us you will need to click the share button and use the google form below to send us the link to your creation (this is available on your project page when you have created an account)
** Please only share your creations if you have permission from Parents/ Guardians or Teachers **
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