PCE and Futures Cloud update

13th September 2016


Please note that the migration is underway and schools who have registered to upgrade PCE are being contacted to finalise arrangements.

Procedure schools need to follow if they have not already registered to upgrade:

  • Ensure that your school is using Version 6 of the PCE client software.

The weekly PCE report lists the version installed on your PCs at the back of the report, please check that the majority are running version 6.

If PCs are not running Version 6, please raise this issue with your technical support person.

  • If the majority of your PCs are running the Version 6 client, please ask your technical support person to submit a support ticket at the Future Digital support site, asking to be moved to Futures Cloud:


Please ask them to include their full contact details.

  • The request to move to Futures Cloud will be acknowledged automatically. If you do not receive an acknowledgement, please e-mail: support@futuredigital.email

Over a period of several weeks, schools will gradually be moved to Futures Cloud. The technical support person who raised the support request will be contacted with instructions on how to redirect existing clients at the school to the new server.

If you have any queries please contact john.devlin@northumberland.gov.uk