Treasure island Film Competition


The Treasure Island Challenge culminates in the chance to enter a fantastic filmmaking  competition. The three winning entrants will be invited to attend an event at the fantastic Tyneside Cinema with their entire class on July 6th 2018!


Pupils will be able to view the three winning films on the big screen followed by a screening of a current box office film - popcorn, juice and ice cream will be provided too!



Why filmmaking?


Filmmaking is a fantastic way to explore and engage with a story in great depth and a chance to develop teamwork and problem solving; providing a range of roles for your pupils. 


Creative thinkers are needed to work on the ideas and talented writers can take charge of the script. ICT experts can do the editing, organisers can become directors and performers can act: there is a job for everyone.



You choose your film content


You may decide to create a short film covering your favourite part of Treasure Island (as Eastlea Primary did in the example linked below), or cover the whole text by selecting key events from the story. Alternatively pupils may wish to create their own ending for Treasure Island - the choice is yours!


You might ask your class to collaborate as a whole and create one film, or have children work in groups to create several films and send us your favourite. 



There are a huge range of possible approaches! 


We don't mind what you use or how you make your film, see below for a few examples. We strongly recommend you read through the Into Film filmmaking guide listed in the support section below - lots of great ideas and tips to get you started.


In the example shown, Eastlea Primary School used the Do Ink Green Screen app to record scenes from the first chapter of Treasure Island, the clips were then imported to iMovie (now available for free in the volume purchasing store) to be put into order and have text, backing music and effects added.


Alternatively why not create a stop - start animation using ICanAnimate or Stop Motion Pro with characters and backgrounds created by your pupils? 










Entries to be submitted by June 22nd 2018


Entries to be no longer than 6 minutes







Please get in touch if you have any queries about the competition -